In general, it is easy to recite the words that we see written in the Bible.  Most Christians know the prayer that the Lord Jesus taught His disciples to pray as the Lord’s Prayer, and it is recited weekly in congregations around the world.  But have you given thought to what the Lord was instructing His disciples to pray?  What does “Thy Kingdom Come” mean?  Were the disciples being instructed to pray that God’s kingdom be set up upon this earth?  That would seem to contradict the very words of Christ Himself, when He said that His kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36)  If this is not an earthly kingdom, then where were the disciples asking that it come?  All we know is life here on this earth.  Perhaps, when the Lord Jesus instructed the disciples to pray “Thy Kingdom Come,” He was implying that the kingdom was to be revealed to them in their lives.  Is it possible that this prayer was given to the disciples because they believed that Jesus is the Christ?  In other words, only those who believe that God fulfilled his promise in Christ Jesus would be able to pray this prayer.  Perhaps it is not a request at all; perhaps it is a declaration. “God, your Kingdom has come in the form of Christ Jesus.  What you have promised, you brought to pass.  God, what you intended has occurred.  Indeed, your will has been accomplished.”  This is not a prayer of hope; it is a declaration of praise given to those who not only believe that Jesus is the Christ, but submit to His will.  If we pray this prayer today, we should do so with much joy, as we are declaring that God brought to pass that which He promised in his covenants of promise to Israel.  We are declaring that the long awaited hope was made manifest in Christ Jesus.  We are rejoicing because God indeed did fulfill his promise!