in_the_beginning“In the beginning, God created.”  These are the first five words in the book of Genesis.  Perhaps you have seen these words dozens of times.  You have probably memorized them.  And, more than likely, each time you look at those words, your frame of reference when reading those words is time.  We tend to think of the phrase “in the beginning” as a point in time when a process starts.  That is quite natural, since we exist in a temporal world where we measure time.  But the words “in the beginning” have another meaning.  It also means, in order of priority, the first, chief, principal, or choice part.  In other words, in terms of priority, the first thing we should remember is that God created.  The chief thing to remember is that God created.  In everything, we must remember God created.  In times of lack, we must remember God created provision.  In times of temptation, God created a way of escape.  Everything that God creates has eternal implications; even the best creations of man are merely temporal.  Today, focus on that which is eternal.  Today, remember in every situation you encounter, God created.