Journey to Liberty

Journey to Liberty is a nonprofit organization that provides charitable social assistance to both men and women.  The primary clients of the program are the poor or distressed.

We exist to support men and women in their journey to life improvement.  We provide a living environment where individuals will experience a metamorphosis from self-awareness and self-governance to Christ awareness and Christ governance; their life choices are based on sound spiritual principles.  To support men and women in this transformation, we provide Christian discipleship training and information to aid in building life skills.  The program is open to men and women that lack hope or have been challenged with life; these individuals come from many backgrounds, i.e. returning citizens, veterans, etc.  Our services include: shelter& food, Christian discipleship, direct client advocacy, mentoring, life skills training, financial management training, career counseling, community volunteerism, and referral for various services. Each of the services we provide helps the client to progress to independent living.


Our community volunteerism includes tending to a community garden.


Community garden

Community garden


We join many other organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area that are focused on addressing the growing number of homeless and hopeless individuals and families in our region.  We express our love and concern for the residents by walking with them through their journey to an improved life.  This direct advocacy makes us unique in the region.  We are also unique because of our intense Christian discipleship training.




How can you help support us?

Our program is run primarily by volunteers.  We would love for you to help us serve the residents of the home.  We need help with basic life skills training like teaching house cleaning or accompanying residents to doctor’s appointments.


Organizational Goals

  • ·         Assist in transitioning individuals from self- governance to God governance.
  • ·         Provide robust discipleship (mentoring) to promote spiritual growth, enduring and supportive relationships.
  • ·         Provide personal life skills training for successful transition to independent living
  • ·         Assist residents to access employment, housing, educational and other resources.
  • Actively involve residents in community volunteer projects.