left hand right handToday, we will conclude this series on the left hand and the right hand by examining what we have learned and applying it to a very important passage in the book of James.  Before we examine the passage, let us remember we learned that in the Bible, the right hand is stronger, or greater than the left, and that the right hand represents mercy, and the left hand judgment.  Now, let us look at a very important passage in James:
James 2:13 For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.
James is warning the saints of God that he who judges without mercy will be judged without mercy.  Then, he concludes by saying that mercy triumphs, or is greater than, judgment.  Meditate on that for a moment.  The right hand of mercy is greater than, or triumphs, over the left hand of judgment.  If this is the case, why don’t more Christians display this attribute of mercy?  Perhaps it is because they have never learned this truth.  One will not exhibit what one has not learned.  In other words, if I came to Christ out of fear of judgment, that is the only attribute I have experienced.  If, however, I heard the gospel in love, and experienced mercy, then that is what I will exhibit.  There are many in the body of Christ who have never truly experienced the mercy of God, so they themselves are unable to exhibit this attribute.  And yet, mercy is essential attribute in God’s kingdom.  How do I begin to learn and understand about mercy?  By first hearing and understanding the gospel of the kingdom.  The very fact that God allowed Gentiles to hear the gospel is evidence of his mercy.  And it is this mercy that true saints of God are expected to display in their lives.