“Jesus’ claim to Messiahship must therefore be interpreted in the light of his whole conception of the Kingdom.  While he starts from the hope of a new age he thinks not so much of an outward change as of the spiritual conditions which will obtain in the future.  To have a will in harmony with God’s will, to enter into fellowship with God, is to possess the Kingdom.  The work of the Messiah is to make this new life possible.  Through the Messiah men will attain to the Kingdom in the sense that they will apprehend the higher world, they will receive power to do God’s will, they will know God as Father.  This is not to import a fanciful allegorical meaning into Jesus’ claim to be Messiah, but only to explain it in accordance with his own teaching.  Everywhere in Jewish thought the idea of Messiah is determined by some given view of the Kingdom of God.”